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Whitney has a background in events, previously working in the sports and entertainment industry for many years. She also has experience coordinating weddings and will be a great asset for your special day. When Whitney is not involved with weddings, she's a sales engineer at a CRM company. She enjoys reading, watching documentaries, and traveling. 

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*Additional Travel Fees, Rehearsal Fees, Accommodations, may apply*

Secret Super Power: Reading the room better, known as emotional intelligence 
Favorite Pastime: Finding random documentaries to watch online 
Last Major Trip: London, UK with a brief visit to Paris France
Something Most People Don't Know About Me: I'm a military brat and lived in Berlin when the Berlin Wall fell 
What Got Me Into Weddings: I'm a hopeless romantic and love being a part of making someone's day special. 

Clinton: $249
Shane: $199
Rev Allen: $199

A straightforward ceremony with elements of personalization.
Marriage License Guidance
Travel w/in E-470 Corridor
Incredible Officiating! 


Clinton: $449
Shane: $399
Rev Allen: $399

Your Ceremony, Your Way
Planning Session
Personalized Ceremony
Ceremony Review
Marriage License Guidance
Travel w/in E-470 Corridor
Incredible Officiating!



If you're thinking about having a friend or family member officiate your wedding, but don't want to put the pressure on them to create a ceremony, let us take care of that for you!


First, let us introduce you to our amazing officiants!



The man who started it all, Clinton has been in the wedding industry since 2017. After having attended several sub-par wedding ceremonies, Clinton realized that there had to be a better way. Thus, he took the plunge, jumped in head first, and hasn't looked back! Clinton designed Weddings With Clinton to be all about creating weddings that mattered. Weddings that were engaging, light-hearted, but at the same time meaningful. Along the way he realized there was a real need for great wedding coordination and he has since expanded his business to include that as well as vow and speech writing services. When Clinton is not involved in weddings he is an emergency preparedness (think planning for disasters) manager for a large hospital in Colorado. Outside of that, you can catch him getting outdoors whenever possible! 


While only 95% handsome as Clinton, Shane has been able to learn the intricacies of the wedding officiant world first hand by first attending many weddings with Clinton and then officiating many of his own weddings. When Shane is not involved in weddings he is a HR Director for a major Digital Marketing Firm in Colorado and looks forward to spending time with his family and enjoying the many craft beers that Colorado has to offer! 

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*Additional Travel Fees, Rehearsal Fees, Accommodations, may apply*


Joining us with over one year of experience as an officiant, Reverend Allen believes in a sincere ceremony that creates an engaging and light hearted environment using his 20 years of experience as a professional performer to connect with everyone from any size group or just the two of you. Regardless, it will be something that will leave you with incredible memories that will last a lifetime. Outgoing, energetic, and personal, Reverend Allen follows the Weddings With Clinton beliefs in treating each couple with respect and care, regardless of your religious beliefs or your personal beliefs, ensuring inclusivity, so that your wedding is filled with nothing but love and laughter!

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